March 13, 2013

Wear it Both Ways: Ladies in Navy

Ladies in NavyHi friends!  Today, we have the lovely and stylish KW from the Ladies in Navy sharing how she styles this amazing black peplum top two different ways. Don't forget to check out KW's post on rocking a pleated skirt in several different ways on her blog, here.

A huge thanks to KW for sharing her amazing style on Jane Squared while Ailyn gets settled into her new KC digs. :D


I'm so thrilled to be guest posting here today! I love Aili and Ailyn's styles and adore that they feature a "wear it both ways" series on their blog. I'm definitely a frugal fashion blogger that often remixes items in my closet. I don't treat any clothes are wear-once items unless they're terrible impulse buys! My favorite remix-able new wardrobe item is a cap-sleeve peplum blouse from Express. Below I've styled it two ways: weekend and work.

I wore this peplum, jeans, boots, and motorcycle jacket last weekend to visit some local shops and restaurants. I thought it totally dressed up a casual pair of jeans and actually looked a little bit edgy with the motorcycle jacket. A peplum gives everyone an immediate waist and set of rocking hips, which can enhance a rather boring jeans and boots look. I also was comfy and stayed polished looking through a long day where I had a few glasses of wine, was caught in a rainstorm and ate a bunch of delicious froyo!

This is my peplum work look translation - basically subtract the jeans and add a black pencil skirt. This pencil skirt is super versatile and I got it for a steal at H&M (they have the most affordable work clothes). The look felt so basic to me, so I wanted to add some classy pearls (around the wrist and neck) and then add a pop of fun pattern in my tights. I think this translated into a perfect wearable work look and made my peplum available for the work wardrobe too!

Come visit the ladies at: to see more styles that can cross over from casual to work! A big thanks to Aili and Ailyn!


  1. this is a lovely feature guys! thanks so much for having me. :)
    kw ladies in navy

    1. Of course, KW! You look absolutely lovely!