June 11, 2012

Dee&Ray Mona Dress

Going anywhere special this summer?  I love going on vacation (who doesn't?), and when I was younger, I would always want to buy a souvenir or two to remember my travels.  I think I still have an autograph-able stuffed Pluto bearing Mickey's signature from my trip to Disney World about 15 years ago. :)

Now that I've become  much more critical and strategic in the way I spend my money, I've largely overcome the need to buy useless knickknacks.

If I'm determined to purchase a souvenir or two then I'll usually check out the jewelry and accessories sold in night markets or street fairs.  These items are generally affordable--especially in comparison to their American counterpart.

Definitely wins all around: my wallet's happy because I didn't spend too much on these trinkets and my jewelry and accessory collection has grown to be a little bit more meaningful and unique.

Earrings: Thailand | similar
Dress: Mona Dress, Dee&Ray | shop
Belt: Taiwan | similar
Cardigan: JCrew | similar
Shoes: Enzo Angiolini (old) | similar
Lips: Convertible Color for Lip & Cheek in Petunia (07), Stila | shop