June 25, 2012

Best Vest

I really do love vests; I think I always have.  Vests can add a preppy vibe to any look and sometimes your outfit can look incomplete without a third piece. To finish off a look, I usually default to a cardigan or blazer, but I think a vest is a nice warm weather alternative.  This is my summer sweater vest.  :)

What do you think?  Are vests too cool for school or too reminiscent of Urkel? Let us know your thoughts!

Vest: Banana Republic | similar
Shirt: JCrew | shop
Skirt: Gap | similar
Shoes: Versie Pump, Target | shop
Earrings: Target | similar

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  1. Great outfit! I just got a jean vest and love it!


  2. i love the idea of wearing a structured, professional vest like this - i've just had the hardest time finding one! this is a good reminder to keep looking. i love this look!