June 20, 2012

Blue Poppy Dress and Body Scans

Generally, I prefer to buy things online since I have time (and my camera) to figure out if things integrate well into my existing wardrobe and fit properly.

Bodymetrics, a British company, is using the same technology found in your XBox Kinect to take your measurements and determine which garments will fit your body type and metrics.

So the next time you hit the dressing room, you might opt for a body scan. Read more about it here.  What do you think?  

Top: Jackie Cardigan, JCrew | shop
Dress: Gap (S/S '10) | similar
Belt: JCrew | similar
Shoes: Taiwan | similar


  1. Oh wow. There's a new kiosk in my main mall offering body fit scans. I've been so curious to try it. I just might now...

    I love this combination. I have a dress with a similar print. I've never considered styling it, but I'll definitely pair it with orange because this combination looks fantastic.

  2. what an interesting thought! perhaps i'll try it... but we shall see. ;)

    love the blue and the orange, too!