November 20, 2013

Jane Loves: November Edition

These are a few of the products I've been loving lately!

1. Thermos Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Hydration Bottle - I love this bottle especially because I love icy cold water. I prefer extreme temperatures when it comes to food and drink (really hot soup & ice cold drinks), and this bottle keeps my water cold for 12+ hours. Plus, it fits in all cup holders, can be opened one-handed, and is leak proof.  My brother and his family use the same bottles, and we continue to re-purchase them.
2. Starburst Jelly Beans | shop
Sweet tooth might as well be my middle name; I love all kinds of sweets & desserts. I particualarly enjoy Starburst Jelly Beans because I like nearly every flavor (green apple, get out of my life please!), and the purple flavor is grape.  I have bad memories from Easters past when I bit into a black licorice flavored jelly bean.
3. Earrings & Vintage Earring Holder | similar
4. Naruko Rosehip Multifunction Balm - It's a really lovely smelling salve that I use primarily on my cuticles and lips before bed.  It sinks right into my lips and smells fantastic.  I believe the primary ingredient is petroleum based, so if you don't prefer Aquaphor or Vaseline-type products, then this isn't for you.  
5. Marc by Marc Jacobs Classic Slim Zip Wallet - For a really long time, I only used a magic wallet from JCrew that contained a little bit of cash, ID, & credit cards.  I like traveling light, but it's been nice to upgrade to a wallet with more capacity, so I can carry all of my loyalty cards around--the most used being the MyPanera card; it's pretty thrilling when I score a free bagel. :)
 I'm a big Asian skin care junkie, and this rose infusedmultifunction balm is from a Taiwanese brand called Naruko.  The Janes both love and use this Naruko Aqua Cubic Moisturizer from the Rose and Snow Fungus line.

Earrings tend to accumulate on my night stand, and end up rolling around and sometimes onto the floor. This sweet little dish contains my little items and ensures my trinkets and baubles have a little home. Aili picked this up for me during her last trip to California. You can find similar items on eBay, at Anthropologie (herehere or here), and at antique stores.  The pearl earrings are from Kate Spade & the minty chevron earrings are from a boutique in California (also a lovely gift from my favorite sister).

What are some things you've been loving lately?

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