November 20, 2012

Cancun: Part IV - Final Take

Fashion Fundamental:  silk tank

Wah wah... last day of Vacation. I miss the beautiful ocean...

I've heard some folks complain about the upkeep and maintenance of silk. I used to be part of that crew, but after some broader experience with the fabric -- I have learned how to love it. Yes, you have to dry clean it, but it's worth it. It helps make any outfit more glamorous and elegant. And, if I'm in a pinch -- I throw a silk shirt on the low/no-heat tumble in the dryer for a quick refresh or non-iron solution. A piece like this would be beautiful with a pencil skirt, under a blazer, cardigan, etc. Silk tank... need it!

Thanks for joining me in vacation fun. Check out part I, II & III.

Shout out to P from phiphi's blog for guest blogging on Jane Squared this week! I love sharing this creative space with fashion forward bloggers!

As I'm getting back to the real world, Ailyn is off having her vacation in Mexico City! 

Tank:  Silk Polka Dot Ruffle, JCrew | similar
Shorts: JCrew | similar
Sandals:  Target (Summer 2010)
Earrings: Forever Audrey, Jewelmint | similar


  1. wow that water - i'm so jealous! enjoy :)

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