February 7, 2012

Talbots Shoes: Final Sale is the worst.

I had some luck with shoes in my previous experience with Talbots shoes, so when the prices were too irresistible, I ordered a few (or six) pairs.  When placing this order, however, I was mostly interested in the Lyla Tuxedo Ballet flat and the Envelope Suede Clutches--both of which I diligently to go on sale.  When I finally added them to my cart and checked out for the price of under $25 each, I was triumphant.  Hours later a very sad e-mail popped into my inbox explaining that these items--the only items I really wanted--were allegedly out of stock.  I see that they're currently in stock now in multiple colors and sizes, but now marked final sale.  I hate you, Final Sale (especially you, JCrew final sale).  I am disillusioned.  lol.  No really, though; that's the price you pay when you want stuff on the cheap: you win some, you lose some.  This time I lost, but when I win, the satisfaction of getting a great deal for a quality item is nothing short of thrilling.  :D

All of these shoes turned out to be lemons for me, especially because I find Talbots shoe sizing to be very inconsistent, though when I was returning the SA mentioned that their shoes tend to run big.  Here are my quick thoughts on the items that I purchased:

Lyla Suede Bow Flat in Warm Taupe: I actually liked this pair of flats best.  They're a very light rose blush tone in a suede-y type material that really allows the leopard print bow to pop.  Makes me think I might have liked the Tuxedo flat.  Half size too big.  Aili vetoed these.  Returned.

Suede Pump in Scarlet & Black: The top of the shoe digs into the back of my heel.  1" platform, but generally an uncomfortable shoe.  Decently made with nice styling and vibrant colors, otherwise. Returned.

Judi Rhinestone Captoe: Half size too big for me.  Weird satiny material.  I was also unimpressed by the crystal details.  Returned.

The ever elusive Lyla Tuxedo Flats: I first spotted these shoes at ShoppingWithM; check out her review of the adorable pink & red version.  If you are interested in black & white patent version of the Lyla Tuxedo Flats, see Elle of Fast Food & Fast Fashion review them here.

Envelope Suede Clutch (also in Ikat): No in-person experience with this item, but it comes in some fabulous colors.  And I still kind of want one, but I am resisting final sale.

I've had excellent experiences with Talbots customer services, even when I come in returning hundreds of dollars worth of merchandise.  I don't always find winners at Talbots, but I like shopping there because of the great customer service and because their pieces come in a variety of non-traditional sizes.

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